One Dish That Binds Them All…

A plate of Momos served with soup and dips

Momos are basically bite size dumplings made typically with a wheat flour wrap and a filling consisting either of meat or vegetables or both. They are served either steamed or fried, with dips or with hot soup. Try as you may, you can’t go wrong with it and never has a plate been just enough.
Traditionally Momos have always been savoury. However, some culinary experts have also found a way to rank it up on the dessert menu. Filled with dark chocolate or khoya (milk solids) and mixed with sugar, Momos can also satiate the good old sweet tooth.
Some say the dish originated in Tibet, some say Nepal, while that’s still debatable, what’s clear is this Himalayan dish, has a wide fanbase in the sub-continent. While on the one hand it fulfills the cravings of a hungry soul, on the other it also sustains the livelihood of many homes.
Believe it or not, if there’s one dish that you will find spread across the entire length & width of the Himalayas, its the unassuming plate of Momos. Be it Arunachal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Uttarakahand, Himachal, Ladakh, Jammu, Kashmir or Gilgit Baltistan across all borders, as modest as it is, it yet is the one dish that binds them all…Momos!

Published by thewanderingindian

Soul of the mountains lost in the cities. Take every chance I get to head up into the Great Himalayas and soak in elements of this refreshing, beautiful, inspiring and challenging ecosystem.

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