“When I started off, I did not know how this journey would unfold and how my fascination with the HIMALAYAS would evolve. Now as I look back over the years, I realise a few key aspects that stood out and helped me a lot in giving a construct and meaning to make this into a passion with purpose.
So here I am, ready to share my thoughts, observations & learnings from my time in these mountains. I hope these takeaways are much useful to you, just as they have been to me, and perhaps even serve as a stepping stone for you to expand the horizon of your experiences.”
– Adi

Outdoor Gear

Ever wondered what gear and equipment to take or how to choose between different options available? Dive right in to understand more about the fundamentals of gear, technicality and usage.


Here’s a simple curation of some of the books I have read, and some as recommended by others. The common link between them; The Himalayas. Fact or fiction, geo-politics or not. Read on.

Outdoor Schools

I was lucky a friend pointed me to one. But do you know of all the different Outdoor Schools in India (& abroad) and the courses they offer? Let me pay this forward by sharing such details with you.


The very first trek I did left me all gassed out. Didn’t take me long to understand how fitness can help me enjoy my experiences in the outdoors and push beyond the limits of what I thought was possible.

Outdoor Experts

Get ready to meet some really interesting individuals who have dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft, in the Himalayas. At heart, they’re all explorers and these are stories that inspire.


The Himalayan ecosystem is an intensely delightful mix of the tangible and the intangible. Wildlife & civilizations, food & culture, people & places, facts & myths. Bottom line, man & nature go hand in hand, one is not without the other.

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