International Mountain Day

Left to Right: Pt 6596, Mt. Panwali Dwar 6663mts, Mt. Nanda Khat 6611mts and to the far right, Mt. Changuch 6322mts.

11th December is designated as “International Mountain Day” by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Since 2003, it has been observed every year to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life.
The Himalayas, although the youngest mountain range in the world, also have the largest fresh water catchment outside the poles. Its glaciers eventually run into some of the largest water systems in the world. This in turn has led to an abundant availability of natural resources capable of supporting a diverse ecology and habitat for wildlife. Not just that, but these water systems, the rivers have also been and continue to be home for a vast number of diverse culture and civilizations which have settled and prospered by their very banks.
As Indians, we are blessed to have the Himalayas so close to us. For generations, these mighty mountains have served and protected us in every way possible. As we progress into an age where natural resources become scarce by the day, it is only prudent that we now assume the role and responsibility of protecting and preserving this wonderful ecosystem.
It all starts and ends with you. So go ahead and enjoy the beauty of these mountains, but make sure you take nothing but pictures and leave nothing behind but footprints.

Published by thewanderingindian

Soul of the mountains lost in the cities. Take every chance I get to head up into the Great Himalayas and soak in elements of this refreshing, beautiful, inspiring and challenging ecosystem.

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